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April 4, 2020


How we started working together

3:00 We had a unique situation where we were able to transition into working together. Whereas a lot of couples right now based on their companies saying, hey, work from home, don’t go out. Now they’re forced to work together at home. So you’re kind of thrown into that situation. We did have the nice situation of easing into it where Kristin left her job first. And then I left my job later on. But it’s, it’s not easy. I know there’s a lot of people who are listening, thinking they’re having a really rough time adjusting to being around their spouse that much.

3:52 We feel it is not easy. It’s not easy. It’s never been easy. It’s still not easy. I would say easier.

Now that we’ve adjusted but there’s a there was an adjustment period that we had to go through probably about what would you say three to four months of like, really getting on each other’s nerves? Yes, I would say it was three months getting into the summer months or busier time of year when we were working so hard and with each other constantly were there there were days when we just kind of looked at each other. And we’re like, I need to be away from you. entirely. Yeah, right now.

It’s the situation, not your partner

7:30 I think that when we have gotten on each other’s nerves, and maybe some people can relate to this, it’s not so much that she’s been irritating me or that I’ve been irritating her.

It’s more of the situation that we’re in, and you literally don’t have an outlet to let out your frustration. And then, you know, she bumps into me as she walks out of the kitchen and it turns into a big argument about giving me my space, which is just an example that didn’t actually happen but you know, could happen. And I feel like that’s what our arguments have been. It’s just venting, federating with the current situation.

Setting Boundaries

10: 43 So another tip that we have for everybody in this setting boundaries is a huge thing. And knowing you know what? Setting limits on yourself on doing all these different aspects of your life, but another one of the things is that really I think has allowed us to successfully spend basically two years together.

Solid communication. I mean, we, we don’t hold back when somebody is upsetting us or when something’s upsetting us we communicate about everything.

Being Intentional with Your Time

So as much as we say like be intentional about your time apart in your alone time in your space. One thing that we have been working on during this, stay at home order is being intentional about the time that we’re spending together, and making sure that we are spending quality time together and doing things that we enjoy rather than just being in the same space. Right.

So I think every couple can relate to this, you have a long day, or you have a boring day or something and then you end up on the couch together, you’re in the same room and you turn on the TV, or you get out of your phones, you start scrolling. And you might laugh at the same joke on a show or you might show each other some memes on your phones. But that’s not really spending time together. That’s just kind of existing next to each other. And it can if you do that too much you can start to feel lonely and we have really been making sure because there’s so few options of things to go and do together. We’ve been making sure to spend time. Mostly every day. It’s been ending up I think every other day where we put the phones down. We do something together. So Kristin played a game, a board game that I’ve been wanting to play with for months now with me the other day, and I got a manicure with her in our living room.

A Powerdown Weekend

19:30 We used to do what we call a power down weekend. Oh, boy. So we would, you know, when we have other jobs, we would come home on a Friday. So we’ve been doing this ever since we’ve been married. So it’s been 12 years. And obviously we had other jobs in the past, but like, if we plan to power down weekends, we would come home from our day jobs, who would turn off our phones, no TV, no video games, nothing like that. And then we would just spend the entire weekend electronic free. And so it’s been a bit since we’ve done one of those, we definitely haven’t done it yet since we’ve been staying at home.

What we found is that the creativity is born out of boredom. So if you were constantly being stimulated by your phone or your work on your laptop or a TV show you’re not going to allow yourself to get bored enough to come up with something to do, where you’re actually interacting with each other. So by forcing yourself away from all that stuff and going through that rough patch, probably an hour or two, maybe staring at each other, maybe just sitting around maybe wandering the house endlessly, but eventually, you come up with something where it’s like, you know, let’s go outside and build a slingshot and just throw things across the yard. We’ve not done that. That’s a great idea that anybody can use!

Meet Our Guest:

Kristin + Tim are husband and wife wedding photographers. They’re based in Columbus, OH- but travel the world in search of new culture, new landscapes, and of course to document couples’ love. They’re high school sweethearts and have been married since 2008. So I guess you could say they’re romantics. 

They LOVE weddings, they love their job, and they love being able to authentically tell the story of your wedding day in a way that you will enjoy for 100 years. They care about memories more than anything else. At the end of your day, they want you to think back and remember genuine moments of laughter, tears, and toasts and then view your photos just a few weeks later and see those memories documented in a timeless, classic, romantic way, guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Instagram: @614weddings

Website: https://www.614wedding.com/

Surviving Covid-19 at Home with Your Significant Other



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