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Rituals for Finding Peace Amidst the Chaos with Special Guest Ashley Price

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How to achieve stunning wedding photos for every season

March 29, 2020


01. Engage your Senses

Engaging all 5 of my senses. Whenever I’m feeling scattered and ungrounded, I ask myself to focus on and each and every stimulus to bring me back to the present moment.

In your mind…

  • What are 5 things I can see right now? Look at them in detail
  • What are 4 things I can feel right now?
  • What are 3 things I can hear right now?
  • What are 2 things I can smell right now?
  • What is 1 thing I can taste right now?

The beauty of this ritual is that it can be done anytime, anywhere— and it is soooo quickly effective. In under 30 seconds but I can instantly feel my breathing slow, my muscles relax, and my mind feel a lil bit more focused + engaged—- being an active participant in the moment and not passively living it.

02. Do this Journal Exercise

Here are some of my favorite grounding writing prompts—

Grab a pen, piece of paper, and work through 1 or 2 or all 9 of these grounding journaling prompts:

  • “I honor myself by…..”
  • “I can be kinder to myself by…..”
  • “I am….” (use this as an opportunity to write down 5-10 truths and positive affirmations about yourself)
  • “I forgive myself for…..”
  • “I showed courage today by….”
  • “I know i am capable of….”
  • “I have come to peace with….”
  • “I am so blessed to….”
  • “I permit myself to feel….”

03. Set your Intentions and Find a Bit of Structure

This one may not be for everyone, but it really works for me so I wanted to include it.

Whenever I feel a bit overwhelmed, I find a lot of comfort in seeking out a bit of structure and routine. It can be really helpful to sit down, write down everything on your to-do list, plan a bit of structure into your day, set goals… in moments of overwhelm, there is just something very peaceful and clarifying about writing down your tasks and allowing yourself to sort, organize, and prioritize for what lays ahead.

I have found that doing this allows me to ground into the things that are in my control and release the things that are not.

04. Pull a Card…

This is the most woo woo thing about me… I LOVE tarot and oracle cards— they provide me a moment to pause. reflect. consider a new perspective.

And somehow i feel like i always pick the right card at the right moment— offering me a dose of peace. a new perspective. a fresh energy.

05. Self-Care May Feel Silly, but……

As shallow as it may sound during a global pandemic, there is just something magic about pausing and taking a little time to indulge in a little TLC.

Ideas for a grounding skincare ritual:

  • A spritz of a facial mist during a busy day. Not only is it great for the skin, but it is mentally so grounding and refreshing in just a few seconds
  • During this quarantine, I have LOVED making a homemade exfoliating face scrub with my cleansing oil and mixing it with a detox bath salt to make a facial scrub.
  • GUA SHA. It boosts complexion, promotes lymphatic drainage, increases circulation, and most of all it is peaceful and releases so much muscle tension.
  • Face Masks, I mean, REALLY, is there anything better than a classic TLC face mask moment?
  • Serums on serums… There is just something so lovely about giving my skin the nutrients and oils and care it needs during chaotic times.

06.  Physically Ground Yourself

You may have heard of “grounding” or “earthing” outdoors. Earthing means making contact with your bare skin to the Earth. Walking around barefoot, feeling the soft cushion of the grass beneath your feet, walking on stone, sand, soil…. feeling supported and held by the ground below you. This can be as simple as walking out to your lawn, feeling the texture of the earth below your feed and just being still.

This is one of my favorite ways to ground myself quickly in moments of overwhelm.

However, I realize that going outdoors may not be realistic during this time of COVID-19 as many of us are finding ourselves indoors. While you may not be able to physically feel the earth, there are a few go-to methods for grounding yourself anytime, anywhere. These are some of my favorite, quick ways to recenter:

  • Option #1: Cover Your Crown: I don’t fully understand why exactly this exercise is soooo effective for grounding and recentering, but WOW. it works almost instantly and you can feel yourself return to your body, to the present moment… it’s really lovely. all you have to do: place one hand over the crown of your head. close your eyes. breathe. That’s it. a quick ritual that can help you feel tangibly and physically grounded in your body.
  • Grounding Option #2: Focus On Your Feet: similar to the last option, this is a quick, very effective way to ground yourself in your body. simply place your feet solidly on the ground. whether you are sitting or standing, place allllll of your awareness on the bottom of your feet. feel the solidness of the ground beneath your soles. breathe. you are supported. you are here. feel the comfort of being held.

07. Do this While you Wash your Hands

Yes, you could hum happy birthday twice through like they recommend.

….orrrrrrrr you could take this opportunity for a mini self-care moment. In the 20-30 seconds I wash my hands, I have shifted my perspective to making it a peaceful moment for me. I think of 10 things I’m grateful for. I pause. I take a few deep breaths. I have made this 20-30 seconds into a little self-care moment. It sounds silly, but it really is grounding and it has completely elevated the whole experience for me.

Plus take a moment to think about what would happen if the whole world stopped to give gratitude for 20 seconds, multiple times per day? Wow

Here’s the truth— I am right alongside you. Doing my best to stay grounded during this hectic time. I don’t know how this will all play out. I don’t know when this will all end. But I do know that I can invest in the things I can control. 

And, for me, it’s allllll by making the small decisions—  to breathe through the hard moments (and acknowledge what they are here to teach me). To rest. To release the outcome. To say “no”. (and to say “yes”). To continue working hard. To keep showing up for the things that make me feel like ME. To honor my boundaries. To prioritize the mini moments of joy and self-care. To give myself grace. To nourish + hydrate my body every day. To surround myself with those that *uplift* me. To choose optimism. To trust.

Meet Our Guest:

Meet Ashley Price, owner of Ashley Rene Photography. I’m an overly excited curly girl who spends the majority of her time behind a screen typing only to emerge from her hole in order to climb a stool and wade through fields with people in love. They typically make out while I hold up a big black box screaming, “YASSSS DO IT AGAIN!!”⠀

When you put it like that my job is pretty freaking weird, right? I’m also a photographer. Haha 🙂

The core of my business, no matter what I’m doing as my craft, whether that’s photography or something different, I know my calling is in helping share stories that make people feel something. Stories that connect our hearts and remind us of our why. That is always always always my heart behind what I do!!

Instagram: @ashley_rene_photo

Website: http://www.ashleyrenephotography.com/

Little Rituals to Find Peace Amidst the Chaos



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