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April 1, 2020


Grieving Your Loss

04:42 So I really want to hear what it’s like from your perspective right now and how you’re navigating that with your couples.

Absolutely. So I just want to start off by saying that it’s okay to grieve the loss of your wedding day.

Oh, I hundred percent agree with you. I’ve been saying that over and over is just like a law.

It is a loss and even if it’s not a total loss, like even if you’re still planning today, obviously the plans have now changed I’m sure for most of you, all of you.

The Process

05:42 Exactly. I completely and it’s a process and it is going to be a process for everyone involved. It is and there are so many moving pieces when it comes to planning a wedding the first time and then to have to then stop a month.

A couple of weeks. Two months out, and basically redo it. There’s a lot of moving pieces. Yeah, it makes complete sense. I like to say I completely agree I have had some, just some chats with different vendors and groups that we have in regards to allowing the couples to have that process, allowing them to grieve what is happening, and they’ll come out on the other side.

But it does, it’s that whole idea of, you know, there are always some challenges, like you said, planning your wedding and all the way up the day of but I have to say, I can’t imagine any of us thought this was going to be the challenge, and that we were all going to have to come together and to make these you know, beautiful love stories come and happen, even if it means on a different date, you know, in a different place, and all of those things.

So yeah, I completely I couldn’t have agreed with you more. Absolutely. And we’re definitely so we’re going to give you guys some tips on exactly how we think you should go about rescheduling your wedding and kind of what that looks like for all parties involved. But I also want to mention that there’s other, there’s another way to have a wedding. There are other options as far as not even just rescheduling, but keeping your same D, we have two brides that are getting married on their original date. And they are just having immediate friends and family. They are still using some of the same vendors. They are still getting pictures done. And at the end of the day, it is all about you and your fiance and starting that life together. So, Rachel, I love when you mentioned that. Yes, there are some challenges but at the end of the day, you are still going to be getting married to the person that you love. I love it. So how did it did you come up with the idea to keep the Same date and make it work like that or was sort of a group decision. I’d like what weighs on you for your health and stuff to still be involved in that. Yeah, so we’ve got a phone call from both of these individual bribes. And they were kind of tossing around ideas like, Hey, what do you guys think about this?

How is this going to affect vendors? So for me, it was a phone call. They started, they emailed me and I gave them a phone call. And I was like, Okay, well, how can we make this as perfect as you want it to be in this not so ideal situation. So it was definitely collaborative. I mean, just this morning, I got off the phone with a wedding planner, whereas normally sometimes we not, would not be talking this far out.

But it’s really cool to see all of the vendors at least in Cincinnati, come together and really kind of put our pride down a little bit and just focus on helping one another and helping our brides because this is, you know, at the end of the day, this is about them.

It’s A Personal Decision

13:05 Yeah, I think it’s a really personal decision first and foremost to, to make that decision to reschedule. I know some brides are like, I am going to be stressed until the day of my wedding unless I make that decision right now. And I’ve had a couple of brides who have preemptively decided to move it for the sake of their, their stress level and their mental health. And I think that that’s totally fine, too.

I have two schools of thought there. As somebody who has like honest to god anxiety problem, I can see where I just couldn’t I couldn’t handle that build-up of not knowing and would want to reschedule. But I can also if you’re so locked into a date, but perhaps something really special to you where you wouldn’t want to give it up. And I think there isn’t enough data yet. I mean, as a country, we don’t know what this really means for us. Long term, or, you know, God forbid, this goes on longer than anybody wants.

But you know, I’m super hopeful that you know, as long as people are listening to what, you know, we’re being told that with the social distancing being put into place that we will see an end to this, you know, sooner rather than later.

I completely agree. I completely agree. And I think that if like you said, we all play our part and work together and try to kick this thing. And hopefully, we’ll get our country and our industries back up running, like you said, sooner rather than later. Yeah. All right. I didn’t even want to record tips.

Tip #1

15:13 So really, what we think you guys should do first is reach out to your venues. So that’s the first and foremost vent vendor that you need to get in contact with because they’re kind of pulling your strings, not necessarily in a bad way, but they’re making the decision on when you can reschedule when you reschedule so they’re open days for the rest of the year, I would definitely go to them first and say, Okay, what is our contingency plan? out? what point do we need to reschedule? What is the process for that?

Every venue is going to be different. And honestly, it’s a personal decision for them in their business, whether or not they even want to have an event, you know, in June or whatever. It’s, it’s at this point, it’s like I said, it’s a personal decision for that venue. So it’s really all down to them.

Staying in 2020

15:34 It is and what I would do is I would get the open dates from them that you are willing to have your wedding. So if you are someone who you do not want to send a wedding, you’re but you’re willing to do a Friday or Saturday wedding, what I would do is go to your venue and write down all of their open days that they are going to let you reschedule your wedding too. If I were you guys I would definitely try to keep it 2020.

And I think that’s for a couple of different reasons. Personally, as a former bride, I just wouldn’t want to wait another year. Do you know what I mean? I would not want to put that on hold after the anticipation and build-up of getting married this spring. So I wouldn’t want to wait.

And I think I think a lot of your vendors will really love you for keeping it in the same calendar year. I know, you know, our business relies on income, obviously, as any business does. So the closer we can have the wedding to the original date, the better it is for us as well.

Getting Professional Recommendation

22:15 So the next thing we wanted to kind of touch on. So in the unfortunate event that you can’t reschedule one of your favorite vendors, go ahead and ask them for recommendations that they might have for a similar vendor who can deliver the same quality and experience that you were expecting to get from them.

Most likely they have friends in the industry, and it may be even in the same industry. I know we have a lot of photographer friends who we know do a fantastic job if, for whatever reason, we weren’t available on a brides rescheduled date. So that’s definitely something that you should do.

And even other vendors who might not be in the same industry in the same kind of category, so you know, photographers might know florist or event planner That could step in and do a really, really good job on the day of. Yeah, I’m sure you know, as wedding vendors. I think we all have opinions on people that can do a really, really good job.


24:15 It is and, you know if all else fails, you guys in you need to start the rebooking process. There is a lot of flexibility with dates and prices and, you know, additions and you know, we’re giving special print credits to people who book in 2020. And it’s definitely going to be a very flexible market for a while and if you need to start rebooking, you know, don’t have any shame in doing that as well.

Getting Organized

The most important thing that you can do is get organized. I’m sure most of you are the, almost every bride that I’ve met is super organized, but especially in this time, you know, just kind of follow the steps that we laid out here, you know, there, take actionable steps to get things back on track.

And you know, it’s all personal decisions. It’s all you just have to take the temperature personally. No, it’s your wedding. It’s not anybody else’s wedding. So at the end of the day, whatever you’re most comfortable with this what you need to do for you and your wedding.

Meet Our Guest:

Chelsey & Jordan are a husband and wife photography team based in Cincinnati who photograph couples all over the country. They have a passion for serving brides and grooms on their wedding day, pulling out all the stops to ensure that they not only receive amazing photos, but a world-class experience as well.  

Instagram: @chelseyandjordanphotography

Website: https://chelseyandjordanphotography.com/

How to reschedule your wedding with grace, and the affect it has on vendors



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