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April 21, 2020


Existing Clients

:59 So with our existing weddings, especially our April, May, June weddings, we are needing to come up with mostly physical solutions, whether they be postcards or cards and envelopes that are being sent out to guests. Already have held the date it’s already marked on their calendar and just communicating, you know, with the change of plans whether, you know, they’re decided to stick with their original wedding date, and they’re just kind of hanging in there to see what the governor is going to get back and tell us what we can do here in the next couple of weeks. Or if they’ve kind of made a decision already to change their plans so that they can look forward to a wedding. Hopefully, that would be what they originally intended. So that might be later in the fall or in 2021. So we’ve been dealing a lot with that, which has kept us busy. And we’re very fortunate for that. Oh, I’m sure and I mean, we’ve had some discussions before and I know that’s not the kind of business that you want, but nonetheless we’re everyone’s very thankful to have you I’m sure to be able to help them navigate, you know, wording and just different things.

Couples Looking for assistance

5:41 I feel fortunate that we’ve been doing this for almost 20 years here in Cincinnati. And so I have a lot of vendor friends, for vendors as we’d like to call them and whether they be wedding venues or wedding planners but there’s there are a lot of people that immediately I just reached out to and said, hey, what can we do to help? And a lot of the especially the venues were very grateful because they were able to tell their, their clients who kind of like Okay, now we’re being forced to have this new date.

But how do I get this information out there? I’ve already told all my guests that it’s on, you know, June 12, or whatever the date was. And so I started making these new connections with brides that we hadn’t been working with. And not that we were doing anything extravagant. It’s just simple postcards here and there. But I just think having somebody to talk to that could just help them with maybe the wording of it. Because I do consider myself a little bit of a wordsmith and and i don’t know it just, it made you feel good because they weren’t as panicked at the end of the phone call. It seemed like, oh, this is a solution and we we can make this happen.

How to handle June 2020 Weddings

8:43 Well, my first question is have you sent to save the date? If somebody has already sent to save the date, you have to somehow tell people whether or not that Date still should be held on their calendar. And so I’ve had a couple scenarios where people have just sent out a nice sort of, I’m thinking of you during all of this postcards that just says, Hey, we are looking forward to gathering with all of our friends and family on our anticipated wedding date of June 20. If there are changes due to the COVID-19 situation, we will be in touch. So one is just a nice we’re thinking of you, too. It’s a confirmation that you’re holding the date. We still are having the date, and we’re looking forward to seeing you. And then it also is they haven’t sent their invitations out yet. It gives them a couple of extra weeks there to decide. Maybe I don’t go to print on these invitations as early as I would have during normal circumstances. Having said that, it’s a lovely idea as well. By the way, yeah, it’s really touching. In fact, the the bride who I’m specifically thinking of right now, I tend to solve things with humor and a little bit of sarcasm. And she, and I think she knows that I’ve worked with her and her other two sisters. And she said to me, she goes, I really don’t have a sarcastic bone in my body. I really want this to be thoughtful. And I want my, my closest family and friends to know that we’re thinking about them and that we’re concerned for them. And I was like that, well, that’s a really, you know, a really sensitive way and a very graceful way to reach out to everyone. It just kind of gave me chills when she said it. So that,
yeah, very, very simple and thoughtful. I should mention though, because you did ask about timing in in the real world. We would normally be encouraging brides and grooms to send out their invitations to before the wedding, but nowadays, like right now, especially with June and July weddings, even if you were to send your invitations out, I don’t think that most people would be eager to respond in May or early June, just simply because they don’t know what their or their capabilities are going to be as far as travel or you know, being in a large crowd, so you’re not even going to get a response from them. So sending them out eight to 10 weeks before the wedding at this point is somewhat impractical. And goes against all of my organizational type A personality traits. So yeah, people are becoming a little bit more comfortable with sending their invitations four to six weeks before the wedding. Simply because it gets more time to make informed decisions as well as their guests.

Communication Director

24:25 Well, I used to think that I was really in the business of, you know, making things pretty and have now I just feel I feel more likely Communications Director, which is, which is good. There’s a lot of logistics behind everything any wedding vendor does. And I’m not sure. I’m not sure that when people approach wedding planning that they actually think through the specifics of, you know, why do I have this pretty paper? Well, it’s actually communicating logistics and these things are important and timing is important. And so So, but just in this particular instance, it seems like it’s been, it’s been more function over form where in the past my role has usually been let’s, let’s look at the design. Let’s make this tell the story of your wedding. And then let’s sit down and I’ll go over the etiquette of how it should be worded and when it should be in the mail. I guess what some people might consider the boring parts of it. But in the immediate people are really interested in “How are we going to say this correctly?” “When are we going to communicate this?” And? And then “Okay, let’s, let’s make sure it looks sort of nice, you know?” So right.

It’s just been a little switch in my process. And I do think even heading into July, August, September, even I’ve got a couple October and November weddings, and they’re still being cautious. I don’t think anybody to like before all this. On occasion, I would meet with a couple. And they’d say, Oh, I want the invitations out as early as possible. And there’s a couple reasons for that. It’s just a checking something off your list. You It feels like it’s right. It’s one more step closer. The other thing is the excitement like Oh, yes, we’re getting married. We’ve made this great decision to do this. And we just want to tell everybody and as soon as possible and that’s all So part of the excitement but I do think that right now, even my, like I said, my my fall weddings are taking a step back and going, Okay, this is still exciting, but let’s just see how everything how the dust settles, and then they’re talking about spikes and you know, in reintroducing large groups in a gradual manner and stuff. So I do think that people are still going to be cautious through the end of this year even.

Meet Our Guest:

Kristen Folzenlogen, Poeme owner/designer

My skills involve color, type, print, and “design-y” things, BUT my super-hero powers have been defined as “Mother-of-the Bride Whisperer”, “Etiquette-Enthusiast” and “Wordsmith Wizard”. I have yet to meet a Bride-(or Groom)-zilla, and I think this has to do with the fact that with good communication and proper guidance, our clients can enjoy designing their wedding stationery. I translate the vision you have for your celebration and put your story on paper, and if I can do it in a way that allows you to enjoy the process, then I have done my job!

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/poeme/

Website: https://www.poeme-online.com/

How to navigate your invitation timeline to account for uncertainties during COVID-19, now and in the near future with Kristen Folzenlogen, Poeme



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