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How to achieve stunning wedding photos for every season

April 16, 2020


What should you consider when rescheduling to a different season 

5:28 Timeline would be the biggest one. Just because when we when it comes to life, light can change in your timeline might be just adjusted slightly. But it’s not anything that you have to stress out over. If anything, the challenges that you might have in the spring are not going to be a factor when we go into late summer, you have longer days. So if you have a wedding, like I have one wedding that move to late July, you’re going to have a longer sunset longer time for like longer days. So it actually is a benefit in that way. And so, again, as we move into fall, you might have to move up the timeline a bit, but definitely in the summer. And Nicole, you can chime in here, because you’re the one that a lot of times does the timelines it’s not really that stressful of a situation. It’s something that just with a couple tweaks to your really isn’t going to ruin your wedding or, or make it anything that you have to worry about.

7:22 If you are moving your wedding to a day where maybe there’s less daylight, then you might even have to move your ceremony time and that’s okay, too. Yeah, um, you know, you’re gonna have to send out new, you know, you’re gonna have to send out receive the dates, you’re gonna have to send out new invitations anyways, within the time, so it’s complete, okay, if you know you’re not gonna get married that talk anymore, you know, whatever the time was. And it’s just important to be like a telling my couple then, on my Instagram, I’ve just been telling people, you know what’s hard, but you just got to be flexible and just kind of roll with the punches right now. You know, if your venue is very popular and has maybe been booked out a couple years in advance, you know, a Thursday wedding or a Sunday wedding would be totally fine. And I’m sure that your guests would be happy to be there.

Wedding Design + Fun Gifts Ideas

31:44 A couple things, you could do it for your favors, you could provide them with the durable folding fan. They’re customizable ones on or valuable or you know, all those sites. I’ve had a couple of rides do that and it’s super easy to make for great photos during the ceremony. thing to consider is if your wedding is in a barn that doesn’t have air conditioning, maybe invest in some fan rentals. Not a bad idea. And then another thing you can do For a summer wedding is, you know, maybe provide flip flops for all of your guests. Who doesn’t like to be comfortable and they’re dancing. And those would be super cute. You know, maybe if you were planning on giving your bridesmaids, flannel pajamas and a bit to get them and other gifts, maybe get them cute pants or short little PJs, that would be cute. Yeah, so I mean my favorite time here I just love the warmth. I love the daylight and call me crazy, but I mean, red and orange are beautiful. But for my personal wedding. I chose summer because red and orange to match the color theme in my house, but I’m not gonna hang pictures on my wall. So yeah, I mean Summer is awesome option.

36:10 Shout out to Oh Sarah Jean she can embroider all kinds of things. Personalized thing she makes cute little water bowl cups for bridesmaids she can do embroidered rose, but this particular note is say that you are planning on a summer wedding where it’s going to be hot and humid, potentially flooding. It would be super cute idea is to get an embroidered jacket for yourself.

Photos Anytime of Year

38:20 So spring obviously we’re going to not talk about spring we’re just going to go right into summer will and we’ll touch on spring at the very end but let’s just get right into summer. I kind of mentioned before the long days, so we definitely have a battle with heat a little more in the summer but honestly I will take a summer wedding, sometimes over a spring wedding because you have less chance of rain and those long golden hours. So those photos that everybody loves are where the latest beautiful and flattering. That is during golden hour. And in the summertime where the sun’s not setting until after nine o’clock you just have that long period of time to take those photos and I love it. It’s also cooler during that time of day. So you and your new husband can go out there and just have those moments together. That’s my favorite part of the whole day. And we really get the opportunity to do that in the summertime. So if you have had to move your wedding to July or August you have this blessing that you didn’t that you may not have had in May.

Moving into September, so as we go into September, the days are still pretty long. A little bit cooler. So that’s kind of a benefit. I still have a decent amount of light in the evening we can still definitely get those beautiful golden hour photos with just you know, just a little more tolerable heat during the day. I love all I’m if you live in Northeast Ohio and you have scheduled for a wedding in October, you’re going for those that color, you want that color and it’s beautiful on October. Now that being said, you might not Once that color like Nicole said if you’re getting married in the spring you just might not want that. The brides that do love the color we can embrace it we can get gorgeous, beautiful Ohio color. But if that’s not something you want, it’s still okay we still have warm, beautiful light and we’ll just avoid you know places where there’s a lot of fall color. There’s there’s plenty of opportunities for beautiful photos without bringing without will kind of disguising the fact that you’re in the fall if that’s something that you want. If you still want those lighter, more pastel colors, there’s plenty of opportunities to do that on October digest kind of depending on where you’re shooting, and even into November I honestly the last couple years I have had November weddings and they have been some of my favorite wedding. You usually have less issues with harsh light during the day. You still have beautiful color if you want to take advantage of all And getting all photos by this time, usually leaves are on the ground. So we can get some stunning pictures with, you know, colorful leaves behind you on the ground and it’s absolutely beautiful. But again, if that’s not something you want, the November wedding that I shot last year was in downtown Cleveland and we were able to get some gorgeous shots like just throughout the city. And it was it was a chill in the air. It was definitely you know, you have a little more cool, like a little more of a chill a little more crisp air. But that’s not a bad thing, especially for the groom. I mean, they usually don’t complain about you know, like they wouldn’t necessarily is July, you know they did they enjoy wearing their tux jackets during that time. And even you know, going into the wintertime, like I said, I I love winter. And I know you said you love winter. The only challenge that it’s going to be everyone wants those snow photos. You can’t I mean it’s just the way I mean we all know in Ohio When you want, no you don’t have it. So you can’t count on the smell. But even so just that even light throughout the day, it was overcast days, but a lot of people might say are ugly, can make for beautiful photos because it’s basically like a great big overhead. That that gives you even light. So taking pictures at 10 o’clock taking pictures of 11 o’clock, which would would typically be a major challenge during the rest of the year is going to be a benefit in the wintertime. So kind of how I feel about that so we can definitely still make that work. Now, just to touch on spring. I still love spring wedding. There’s still one of the most popular times of the year. Beautiful blooms beautiful flowers, and I know that that’s what people are mourning right now, if you have decided to postpone your wedding for a year, just kind of look outside and see. I mean right now we have dogleg point on a blooming cherry blossom. It’s gorgeous. So if you’ve had to postpone it for a year, it’s okay. Spring is beautiful. And it will come again for the wedding in 2021. So just keep that in mind.

Meet Our Guests:

Kelly Roberts is the owner of ‘Balsam and Blush Photography’ and has been photographing epic love stories for just over a decade.  She specializes in bringing out natural emotion in beautiful light for couples throughout Ohio.  Kelly and her husband, Scott, live just south of Cleveland where they enjoy spending time with their kids, two cats and one large dog.  https://balsamandblush.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/balsamandblushphotography/

I’m Nicole, and I enjoy working hand in hand with genuine couples to make sure their weddings is what they have always dreamed of, and so much more. From full planning & design, to finalizing the little details and creating your custom, color-coded timeline, I’m your girl.

We have had the absolute honor of being apart of over 50 uniquely beautiful weddings, being published by nationally renowned wedding blogs, being named “best-of” by the knot & wedding wire every year since our first full season in 2018, and we’ve made unforgettable friendships with some of the most talented & humble vendors in northeast Ohio.  https://www.sirpillasoirees.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sirpillasoirees/

How to achieve stunning wedding photos for every season with Kelly Roberts and Nicole Sirpilla



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