I love making pretty things and have an eye for design. When I'm not working you will find me hiking, paddle boarding, skiing, or getting caught up on my Netflix queue with my two kiddos, handsome boyfriend, and pup.  


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Le Rêve Makeup & Hair

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Rituals for Finding Peace Amidst the Chaos with Special Guest Ashley Price

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How to achieve stunning wedding photos for every season

April 2, 2020


Meet Kat

1:14 I am a licensed cosmetologist. So I do mostly makeup and hair I haven’t My business is an on-site service. So I go wherever I needed for weddings or corporate events, conferences, all that good stuff. But weddings are definitely the biggest part of my business. I have been doing this for gosh 15 years now. And it has been my full-time everything for Thank you. It’s been my full-time everything for almost eight. So I love it so much. I had the pleasure of working with some really great cosmetic companies before I was full time in this. I used to manage a counter for Mac got to work at Sephora and play with all their goodies. So now I am a full time just me I also do some wedding coordinating as well. I have done that for about 12 years. But hair and makeup is probably the biggest portion of it. And I love what I do so much. I’m missing it a lot right now. But yes, I am missing working. I miss my clients and getting out and spending time with everybody. But this is a fun thing too. That way I can get to other people a different way.

Your Skin is the Largest Organ

06:48 Yeah, I mean, it makes sense because your skin is the largest organ of your body. And stress affects everything else in your body. It can make your stomach hurt, it can make your blood pressure go up. So it makes sense. that it affects your skin, it just might be a little bit more delayed in coming out. A few years ago, we were going through something with a close family member who was ill, and the whole situation was extremely stressful. And we were just, you know, all in knots about it. And for the first time in my life, I actually developed cystic acne because of the stress. So I never had problems with that. Yeah, it was so crazy to me like it took me a while to even realize what it was because I had never had it and I know, I’ve had blemishes you know, throughout my life, but I’d never had cystic acne and it gave me a whole new respect for the people who do have it. You know, on a regular basis because it is extremely painful. There’s not really anything you can do to make it go away, and honestly, after the situation cleared up, my skin did quickly after.

Rule #1 – Wash Your Face

10:59 One of them is to wash your face every night. And I know lots of people kind of sleep in their makeup and are able to roll with the next day. I know I can’t do it. First of all, I would look like a hot mess the next morning. I would look more like sugar, then yeah, it doesn’t work well but it kills your skin.

Because it’s like sleeping with like, I don’t know the tightest clothes you can think of on your skin can’t breathe. So it’s really important to wash your face every night. I actually shower at night so my face wash is in the shower. So I have no reason to forget it even if you’re using a cleansing wipe. Which is good it gets off all your makeup but I still recommend washing your face after.

Rule #2 – Use Sunscreen

12:39 My number two is sunscreen. sunscreen is so important and a lot of people will use a moisturizer that has sunscreen which is great. Or a foundation that has sunscreen in it. But I actually use a separate sunscreen on its own. And I do it every day. It’s actually in my makeup bag. It’s part of my makeup routine. But on the days that I don’t wear makeup, I still do it. Because running around all over the place. Even just in the car with the you know with the window to your left you if you’re driving, you’re getting so many sunrise and the sun can be definitely aging.

But it can also you know, be bad for you in other ways. Skin cancer is a big thing. And I try and protect mine as much as I can. But a huge thing is for aging. Because it is so much easier to try and prevent the damage from happening, then trying to fix it later. It’s easier, it’s a whole lot less painful, and it’s a lot less expensive.

Rule #3 – Moisturizer + Eye Cream

And that kind of goes into my number three, which is moisturizing and eye cream. I think a lot of people don’t start that until they’re already seeing the fine lines. Or if somebody is really oily, they’re like, No, I’m good. I don’t need it. But oil and water are two different things. So having oily skin doesn’t mean you don’t need moisturizer. Super, super important to do that. Every day. Even eye cream even you know someone in their early 20s can definitely start using eye cream just because you’re not seeing those fine lines. This is going to help prevent them that way. You don’t have to use the super expensive eye creams later that try and fix them.


17:13 So it’s important to switch your stuff up whether that be swapping out every other night. I do have a couple different serums that I switch every other night or if you buy your moisturizer I cream and serum and use all of them the next time you go to buy them buy something a little different. It could be a different brand, it could be a different line in that brand. But it kind of wakes your skin back up and allows it to take on all the properties that it’s trying to get your skin, whether it’s moisture, or anti-aging or brightening. switching it up is a huge thing. And I think a lot of us don’t do that because we think well I got this. It’s working for me. I’m just going to keep going. And it works until you look in the mirror one day and you just kind of think your skin’s like, just blah. It’s dull, doesn’t have that. That kind of youthful, vibrant look. So switching up your skincare can make a huge, huge difference in the way your skin looks and feels. I think from doing that, just in the past year.

I think my skin is looking better now than it did when I was in my 20s But any kind of booster that you can give it is fantastic. And of course, the other thing you can do right now is a mask, or even IMAX. There are some fantastic masks for I mask from flash or from patch ology. It’s a really great line, they do some that are like four D passing in the morning when you wake up. If you know, had a good cry from a Lifetime movie or ate too much salt that happens to me, then my eyes get all happy. So I love these great patches because you can put them in the fridge and give them a little extra boost. But they also have restorative one. So at night, when I’m sitting at a computer, emailing my client, chances are I’ve got some of those are sort of eye patches on and they cut they have serum in them as well. So that’s like your eye serum boost. So doing things like that and adding a mask right now. We all have time for us right now. Unless you are, you know in healthcare, which you probably don’t have time but you definitely deserve it. Masks are incredible.

So I love there’s a brand called Alesia Marie, they actually have a seven-day mask series. So it comes in a box, they’re labeled one through seven, and you literally just do one a day. So I did want every night. And in the beginning, I thought there is no way that this can really do what I what they say is going to do. And it was amazing. I plan to do it at least every month if I can. But if you just need something that’s going to kind of wake your skin up and give it that boost, to you know, take it to the next level. Something like that is incredible.


20:44 It is and, you know if all else fails, you guys in you need to start the rebooking process. There is a lot of flexibility with dates and prices and, you know, additions and you know, we’re giving special print credits to people who book in 2020. And it’s definitely going to be a very flexible market for a while and if you need to start rebooking, you know, don’t have any shame in doing that as well.

And then, of course, it’s really important to remember that your lips are part of your skin. So it’s really great. to exfoliate your lips just like you do your skin and keep them super, super hydrated. There are so many fun things on Pinterest you can do for skincare right now I know most of us are home and can’t really do a whole lot or go to a lot of places. But most of the skincare thing from Pinterest you can find in your own pantry. I love to make a lip scrub and it has brown sugar, coconut oil, honey, and vanilla. So not only is it fantastic and it really helps you to get off any of that dead skin and any of the dryness of it, but it tastes like cookie dough.

So it is delicious. So you can use something like that, you know a couple times a week and then a lip balm keeps you going and it will really change How your skin is. And it’s a really, really great booster. Another thing that I think sometimes people forget is that your skin is your body as well. It’s not just your face. So there are actually some great exfoliating body lotions that have glycolic acid in them. And between doing that and body scrubs, it’s important to keep all of your skin going and bright and lively, not just your face, because it’s all connected to the same thing. And you want to make sure that when you’re doing these products, you do carry them down your neck and to your decorative to your chest. Because as we get older, we have all seen people whether they’ve been on TV or in real life where your face doesn’t really match your neck. Because that can really aid you in having your neck and your chest look a lot older. So it’s really great to be able to have that and to match it up.

To Wear Makeup every day or Not

29:04 But if you choose not to wear you know and to wear my Every day which that is totally everybody’s choice individually. I think the little extra things like the eye patches, the facial mask, the serums those are things that you’re going to want to kind of give your skin that boost since you’re covering it every day. I do think if you are open to it if you’re going to wear foundation every single day if you are open to wearing a foundation, and not because like not changing brands or anything but different coverages, so maybe Monday through Friday, if you’re working at your job, you want more full coverage, go for it, but maybe on the weekend, if you’re okay with it and you feel closer with it, lower it down to a medium to light coverage, maybe a BB cream or something to just give your skin a little bit more, you know, freezable room, it’s kind of like opening the window, the screen is still there, but you know, you can get more air through. So if someone’s open to that and you can always add in a little bit of moisturizer with the foundation are using To share it out a little bit.

Meet Our Guest:

Kat Epneris has been in the beauty industry for over 16 years. She is a licensed cosmetologist, as well as the Founder and Owner of Always Elegant LLC. Always Elegant LLC is an on-site hair and makeup service. Kat has built her business on customer service and the desire to help all clients look and feel their very best. Kat specializes in hair and makeup for weddings, special occasions, corporate video and photoshoots, and editorial work. Kat has earned multiple awards such as Best Of Weddings and Hall of Fame from The Knot and Couples Choice from Wedding Wire.  x

Instagram: @always_elegant_llc

Website: http://www.alwayselegantllc.com/

The Links:

Face Halo  https://facehalo.com/collections/shop/products/face-halo-pack-of-3 

Bliss face serum    https://www.blissworld.com/renew-smooth-night-face-serum/ 

Aloisia Marie 7 day mask set    https://aloisiabeauty.com/collections/7-day-skin-care-system/products/7-day-skin-care-system 

Pinterest lip scrub  https://pinnedandrepinned.com/brown-sugar-lip-scrub/

Patchology  https://www.patchology.com/collections/eyes

Combatting stressed-out skin before your wedding.  Don’t let Covid-19 ruin your routine.



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