TUNE IN: APPLE PODCAST | SPOTIFY | STITCHER | GOOGLE Existing Clients :59 So with our existing weddings, especially our April, May, June weddings, we are needing to come up with mostly physical solutions, whether they be postcards or cards and envelopes that are being sent out to guests. Already have held the date it’s […]

Covid-19, featured, Podcast

April 21, 2020

How to navigate your invitation timeline to account for uncertainties during COVID-19, now and in the near future with Kristen Folzenlogen, Poeme

TUNE IN: APPLE PODCAST | SPOTIFY | STITCHER | GOOGLE What should you consider when rescheduling to a different season  5:28 Timeline would be the biggest one. Just because when we when it comes to life, light can change in your timeline might be just adjusted slightly. But it’s not anything that you have to […]

Covid-19, featured, Podcast

April 16, 2020

How to achieve stunning wedding photos for every season with Kelly Roberts and Nicole Sirpilla

TUNE IN: APPLE PODCAST | SPOTIFY | STITCHER | GOOGLE How we started working together 3:00 We had a unique situation where we were able to transition into working together. Whereas a lot of couples right now based on their companies saying, hey, work from home, don’t go out. Now they’re forced to work together […]

Covid-19, featured, Podcast

April 4, 2020

Surviving Covid-19 at Home with Your Significant Other

TUNE IN: APPLE PODCAST | SPOTIFY | STITCHER | GOOGLE Meet Kat 1:14 I am a licensed cosmetologist. So I do mostly makeup and hair I haven’t My business is an on-site service. So I go wherever I needed for weddings or corporate events, conferences, all that good stuff. But weddings are definitely the biggest […]

Covid-19, featured, Podcast

April 2, 2020

Combatting stressed-out skin before your wedding.  Don’t let Covid-19 ruin your routine.

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